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Monster Geographica Underground [Sep. 20th, 2005|10:00 pm]
Austin Gaming


200 monsters from the depths of the earth, compiled from over a dozen sources, including 92 classic 3.0 monsters updated for 3.5!

This supplement while chock full of monster stats and what not but lacks art work. What Expeditious Retreat Press gives you is monsters, monsters and more monsters. If you are a DM that has little need for visual aids when coming up with encounters then this supplement is for you. Each monster is listed by challenge rating so if you are creating a CR 5 encounter you have choices. Now, Expeditious Retreat Press is well known for A Magical Medieval Society its smash hit world building supplement which documents a godling creating his universe and is no doubt a player in the d20 scene. MMS won numerous awards and was hailed by Monte Cook as a must have for all DM's.

Monster Geographica, not so much. I need the artwork, I need the visual aids. Still I am offering it for 99 cents at my
store so check me out!