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Looking... [May. 19th, 2006|07:31 am]
Austin Gaming


New to Austin and was wondering if there are any live action groups out there. Either NERO-esque, White Wolf based games or maybe something new.

Also, other than Thor's Hammer and Dragon's Lair, are their any other cool places in Austin for gaming?



[User Picture]From: thax
2006-05-19 01:28 pm (UTC)
Welcome to town! Dragons Lair (3 locations) and Thor's Hammer are the big gaming houses. You've found them.
As for LARP, there's at least one WoD group that plays in the UT student union. Fridays, I think. You can also find a boffer combat group called High Fantasy Society (HFS) in Pease park on Saturday. They're on the north side of the park. Nero had some false starts down here, but they're up in Dallas now.
I'm in the Georgetown chapter of HFS, myself. Hope to see you around.
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[User Picture]From: tak777
2006-05-19 03:59 pm (UTC)
what he said
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[User Picture]From: goulo
2006-09-10 10:31 am (UTC)
If you're into boardgaming, check out Great Hall Games, a nice store which is on the east side of Lamar, somewhat south of Koenig. I moved from Austin but as far as I know they still have general boardgaming Friday nights, go on Tuesday nights, chess on some other night (maybe Monday). Some stuff happens on weekends too.
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