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Seeking more info... [Jun. 8th, 2006|10:44 pm]
Austin Gaming


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So, wondering if folks can throw me a bone :) I am needing to do something live-action. Call me desperate.

What is Amtgard?

Also, where do I find more information on HFS (High Fantasy Society)? Thax?

Thanks guys,


From: (Anonymous)
2006-06-08 09:09 pm (UTC)


Want action and jerks? Tori-mar. Want less-action but friendly? Barad Duin. Want Action and friendly? Drandmir
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[User Picture]From: kodak_of_the_ck
2006-07-19 08:10 am (UTC)
Wednesday night fighter practice, starting @ 8pm, is host to pretty much anyone that is interested in foam fighting (primarily amtgard, but HFS and dagorhir players come and go as well). As for the "action and jerks" comment about my home park (tori-mar), I don't see what that does for either of our games except harm.

I challenge the OP and anyone else interested to visit any (perhaps all) of the parks mentioned and make their own decisions on their experiences.
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[User Picture]From: kodak_of_the_ck
2006-07-19 08:19 am (UTC)
Dur, forgot to mention place. Fighter practice is at shipe park, right off of 45th street and avenue G. Big clearing in the middle of the park, side closer to the kiddy pool than the basketball court.
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[User Picture]From: skye_ds
2010-03-04 12:17 am (UTC)
As someone who plays both Amtgard and HFS, those remarks were not only completely uncalled for, but they are completely untrue, in both instances of Barad Duin and Amtgard.

Visit Barad Duin and the various local Amtgard parks and come to your own conclusions. Many of us cross-over players who play both did so, and are glad we did.

Barad Duin meets on Saturday afternoons at Mary Moore Searight Park, 907 Slaughter Lane, South Austin. It also has a Shire that meets in various locations on Sundays (email skyeds(at)tex1(dot)net for information). Amtgard has many fine local parks that meet on either Saturdays or Sundays.
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