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Old School and New School [Sep. 10th, 2005|09:31 am]
Austin Gaming


As always, Twelve O'CLock Games has some rock bottom auctions going on for new D2O items as well as hard to find AD&D books and modules. Looking to beef up your existing spellcaster with new spells? How about if you are a DM tired of the same old Monsters from your campaigns? I got something for everyone. Currently, I have up for auction the following items....

d20 spells and magic - Bastion Press
d20 Minions- Bastion Press
d20 Monster Geographica: Underground-Expeditious Retreat Press
AD&D 2nd Edition Tome of Magic- TSR
AD&D 2nd Edition Treasure Chest- TSR

Good luck, happy gaming and I hope to see you in my store!